500ML Travel Water Bottle for Dog Cat Pet Color Random

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If you often take your pets for a walk or for a long journey, you should bring some water with you in case that your pets would be thirty. Under such a circumstance, you should consider buying a durable water bottle. And I believe this 500ML Travel Water Bottle for Dog Cat Pet Black would be the best choice. This water bottle features shatter resistance and durability. Additionally, this water bottle can be well sealed to prevent overflow of water. In a word, this water bottle for pet is an inexpensive and portable way to hold water for your beloved pet.
  • Convenient for pet to drink water whenever
  • Automatically outflow water as pet required
  • No outflow water when it is not in use
  • Can hold water of 500ML
Dimensions(9.84 x 2.28)in/(25 x 5.8)cm(L x Dia )


Package Includes
  • 1 x 500ML Travel Water Bottle for Dog Cat Pet

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